I take a very “hands-on” approach to behavioral work; I will come to your home and work directly with your pets and you on the issues at hand. In long distance situations, I am happy to work as a consultant through skype where I can still observe the behaviors and pets in question and better gauge their interactions with other members of the household.¬† Because being able to see the behaviors is so critical, I am reluctant to take on a client were the only method of communication is phone. While the methods are inherently the same for a set of problems, the application of them depends significantly on your personalities which, of course, vary greatly between individuals. When I take on a client, I am committed to them. I will take the time to understand your pets’ personality so I can best determine where the roots of the behavioral problems are and how to best work with that particular pet. I am also committed to working with the owners. Behavior modification rarely lies strictly within the animal, so I will teach you how to best communicate with each other through non-verbal communication methods, such as reading body language, to build a strong relationship. Ideally this will help you build a strong foundation built of understanding your pets behavior so that¬† if other problems arise, you’ll be able to work through them on your own. I do not believe in finding a “quick-fix” for a problem behavior and will work with you both to come up with a solution to help not only the problem at hand, but also avoid further issues down the road. That said, I don’t believe in wasting your time or money either and will work as quickly and honestly as I can to provide you with the solutions you and your pet need. Because each animal is different in regard to their personality and the behavior that needs modification, I do not charge a flat rate/animal/issue. This allows me to work as needed with each animal for as short or long a duration as needed.

Once I take a client, I begin by meeting with you and your pet, to evaluate the animal and get an idea of the schedule/habits/current behavioral interactions. After that I find it easiest to work exclusively with the animal for a while to develop the bond & trust that will allow us proceed with behavioral modification in the most efficient manner. Once a course of action/treatment has been formed and is showing positive signs, I will begin working with the both of you and give you the tools you need to build a relationship with your pet and avoid future problems. During the process I am available by phone to answer any questions you have, review the methods we’re using, and make adjustments as necessary between sessions at no extra charge.

As a graduate student, I do not have the time to waste your time, nor do I have any wish to waste your money. I started this service because I genuinely enjoy working with animals, in particular troubled animals, and will work as quickly, efficiently, and honestly as I can. Some situations require long term behavioral work, and I will be upfront with you throughout the entire process and willing to discuss our options along the way.

I do my work using a combination of positive reinforcement and other positive behavior based methods designed to foster trust and social bonds. Negative reinforcement or punishment are not included in my training protocol. It is a firm belief that you should never try to ‘break’ or dominate an animal, but instead learn to work with each other as a team. I am an expert in non-verbal communication from posture and gestures through eye contact, voice tone, and other acoustic features, I will be teaching you about these topics and asking you to modify your behavioral patterns so include some of these skills as you work with your pets. Questions requesting further details regarding these methods are welcome – please contact me at PollyWannaSolution@gmail.com