I am currently based in San Diego, but I travel to Los Angeles  once or twice a month, as my schedule allows. I am open to working in either location. Travel rates for LA will be in relation to where I’m staying in LA.

I am delighted to announce that I will be starting to do work via Skype consultation, webcam required so I can more effectively observe the problem behaviors and assist accordingly. Please contact me directly for pricing. All work via Skype must be paid for via Paypal.

You are welcome to contact me via email: PollyWannaSolution[at]gmail.com

Or cell: 617-510-8335
I am available by phone from 7:30am – 9pm M-F and 9am-9pm Sa-Su

My schedule is very flexible  and can be adjusted to meet most people’s needs.

A few notes:
While I am available to work most anytime, I find that birds are more responsive in the mornings and into the mid afternoon/early evening.  Because I work with the pet typically more than the owner, I do not require that owners are home during the sessions. I am willing to work with you to meet your scheduling needs, but please bear in  mind that I require sessions be at least one hr in length. Cats seem to be most active early in the morning and in the early to mid evening. Ideally though, we will schedule sessions during times when you know the problem behaviors are most likely to occur.