My goal is to offer quality, affordable behavioral aid for you and your pets. I work with lasting solutions in mind as opposed to a quick fix, and I’ll get you involved so you can pick up where my work leaves off to allow a strong relationship to develop between your pet and you.  I charge by the hour, because each animal is different and set fees and time limits aren’t as flexible as the nature of this work requires.

As a graduate student, I do not have the time to waste your time, nor do I have any wish to waste your money. I started this service because I genuinely enjoy working with animals, in particular troubled animals, and will work as quickly, efficiently, and honestly as I can. Some situations require long term behavioral work, and I will be upfront with you throughout the entire process and willing to discuss our options along the way.

Evaluation – $60 – required before I take on any client. This allows me to assess the bird and its current behaviors and general state of health. At this time I will also be taking a history which may provide insight into the roots of the behavior. An evaluation may last up to 2 hrs.

In-home consultation – $150 – One Time Only. Additional consultation will be seen as “in-home behavior modification” and will be charged as such. This session includes limited physical behavior work with the bird, and is designed for people who have had some behavioral experience working with animals. Includes evaluation, time limit, 2hrs.

In-home behavior work with bird and owner – $40/hr* – (base rate – subject to change depending on issue).

*Above prices are generally based on larger/highly interactive birds.

Small Birds – Parakeets (budgies), cockatiels- $30 evaluation, in-home work $15/hr

As a long term advocate for pet adoption and rescue, if you are seeking help with a recently (within 6months) adopted rescue pet from a local shelter or humane society I am very pleased to offer a 10% discount.

** FOR EXOTIC AVIAN SPECIES ** Such as ravens & other corvids, owls, hawks, falcons & other raptors, rescue, rehab etc…  Please contact me for pricing.

I charge a travel fee of $10 within a 20mile radius, fee increases to $20 above 20miles. If you live farther than 30 miles away, please contact me to discuss pricing and scheduling.

I REQUIRE that payment is made at the time services are rendered. I accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards.