Services start at $30/day and include travel costs

For those living greater than 10 miles away fees increase to $40/day (greater than 15 miles, contact me for pricing). I currently live in Mira Mesa.

Petsitting services include:

  • Minimum of one hour spent socializing with your pet/day. This is independent of taking the pet out (in the case of dogs) or feeding time. If you would like more time spent daily with your pets I am happy to do so.
  • Basic daily care – feeding, taking out/cleaning litter, keeping pet-spaces clean, providing any medications as directed.
  • Basic training reinforcements – let me know in advance which commands you use with your pet in regard to training and I’ll make sure we work in some casual training reinforcement time to strengthen what they already know. (No change in cost!)
  • Advanced training services – Does your pet have a few trouble behaviors you want to start working on? Let me know in advance and I can start working with them while you’re away to get them familiar with new commands and reinforcements to curb/encourage the behaviors you don’t/do want to see – depending on what is requested, this may add additional time to my daily visits and may be treated as a small behavioral session. These services will affect the cost and vary on a case by case basis – please contact me directly to discuss.

Specialty pet sitting services
In-home pet sitting: If your pet requires more constant care arrangements can be made for me to stay at your home or for your pet to stay at mine to provide more around-the-clock care. Contact me directly for pricing.

Pet Boarding:

At this time I cannot accept dogs for boarding. If you have a cat/bird/small animal that needs boarding contact me directly. My boyfriend and I have two cats (who get along) and a bunny (whom they get along with), but would need to discuss this together before bringing another animal into the home. The pet would need to be in good health and current on all shots/flea meds (if applicable).

I require that all pets be up to date on their shots and vet visits. I am happy to care for ill pets, but require notice so I can take the necessary precautions to avoid transmitting anything to my pets at home.